Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Install Gentoo on Dell 700m

I first built a base system for the laptop on my AMD desktop. I want to use the '-march=pentium-m' CFLAGS, which means you need gcc-3.4.x. So before bootstrapping, I did:

# emerge --nodeps --oneshot linux26-headers
# USE="bootstrap" emerge --nodeps --oneshot gcc

Another way to build a clean and stable toolchain:

# emerge linux26-headers && emerge linux26-headers glibc && emerge glibc binutils gcc && emerge binutils gcc

Take a look at: An emerge wrapper for correctly building the toolchain

NIC: b44, mii may also needed
Alsa: snd_intel8x0
USB mouse, hardisk: usbcore,ehci_hcd,usbhid,uhci_hcd,ohci_hcd,usb_storage

1280x800 resolution:
Need 855resolution patch
framebuffer: 1024x768 only; grub.conf line: video=vesa:1024x768-32@75

dri: need i915

CPU Frequency scaling: enable ('ondemand' cpufreq policy governor) AND (Use ACPI tables to decode valid frequency/voltage pairs) in kernel

Suspend to disk: swsusp2 works with 2.6.9-nitro4

Fonts: for best shape, emerge freetype-2.1.7 from glc; Chinese bold fonts may look blue-tinted, disable anti-alias for SimSun will fix it.

Watching DVDs with mplayer entails adding "-monitoraspect 1.6 (or 1280:800)" as an option.


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