Saturday, December 24, 2005

Things about Bash

Key combinations in Bash

Ctrl+a - Move cursor to the beginning of the command line.
Ctrl+c - End a running program and return the prompt.
Ctrl+d - Log out of the current shell session, equal to typing exit or logout.
Ctrl+e - Move cursor to the end of the command line.
Ctrl+h - Generate backspace character.
Ctrl+l - Clear this terminal.
Ctrl+r - Search command history.
Ctrl+u - Cut everything on the current line before the cursor.
Ctrl+w - Delete the word on the left of the cursor.
Ctrl+y - Paste text that was cut using ctrl-u.
Ctrl+z - Suspend a program.
ArrowLeft and ArrowRight - Move the cursor one place to the left or right on the command line, so that you can insert characters at other places than just at the beginning and the end.
ArrowUp and ArrowDown - Browse history. Go to the line that you want to repeat, eventually edit details, and press Enter to save time.
Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown - Browse terminal buffer (to see text that has "scrolled off" the screen).
Tab - Command or filename completion; when multiple choices are possible, the system will either signal with an audio or visual bell, or, if too many choices are possible, ask you if you want to see them all.
Tab Tab - Shows file or command completion possibilities.

About apropos
The command
# /usr/sbin/makewhatis

makes the database for tools like apropos and whatis from all of your manfiles. Apropos can then tell you programs whose manfiles include your specified word, and whatis prints out the summary of the program you specify.


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